DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
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What is Tuffband® NC? Postalloy® Tuffband® NC is a high hardness hardband that may be used by itself for casing friendly hardband applications or used as a weld matrix with Tungsten Carbide (WC) when casing protection is not a factor. Why is Tuffband® NC better? Tuffband® NC is applied crack free and prevents spalling even under the most extreme drilling conditions and is 100% rebuildable. It is *Fearnley Procter NS-1™ certified for new applications to tool joints and it is certified for re-application over itself and other hardband products as specified in the NS-1™ re-application approval certificates . It offers maximum protection of your tool joints and crack free application means no trapped abrasive materials so it also extends the life of your casing. Advantages of Tuffband NC include:
Longer life of tool joints and casing Minimization of sour gas problems at critical sites 100% Rebuildable
Tuffband® NC with Tungsten Carbide The ultimate in wear resistance can be obtained by using Tuffband® NC in combination with tungsten carbide for use in applications where casing wear is not a factor. It holds the tungsten carbide in place much better than mild steel welding wire so your hardband will last up to three times longer. The benefits of using Tuffband® NC with Tungsten Carbide include:
Ultimate in wear resistance Tool joints last up to three times longer Lower maintenance costs

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