DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
TH Hill Testing Compatibility Testing of Postle Duraband® NC Duraband® NC was thoroughly tested by TH Hill Associates, Inc1 and Accutest Labs2 and found to be compatable when applied over three other brands of hardbanding. This reduces or eliminates the expense of removing other hardbanding before reapplication. The procedures included the following tests.

Wet Fluorescent Active DC-Field Magnetic Particle Inspection Tensile and Charpy Testing Hardness Testing Optical Metallography

The results of the testing were as follows for each of the three brands of hardbanding tested. Excerpts are from the TH Hill documents provided at the links below.

  1. "No cracking was observed in the Duraband® NC visually, or under blacklight inspection..."
  2. "..the application of hard banding did not significantly alter the base properties of the tool joint."
  3. "This suggests that the Postle Duraband® NC is compatible over..(each of the three brands tested)"
Complete Test Results
For complete details of how the testing was performed and the results including the brand names of the hardbanding tested, please see the following documents.
Duraband over brand 1 (Certain restrictions do not allow us to show the brand name here although it is shown in the linked document)
Duraband over Tuboscope TCS Titanium™ (a registered trademark of NOV Tuboscope)
Duraband over Armacor M-Star® (a registered trademark of Liquid Metal Technologies)
Progress through innovation
th_hill_preheating of tool joint
TH Hill
Preheating Tool Joint Prior to Hardband Application

1 T H Hill Associates, Inc.
16800 Greenspoint Park Dr, Suite 300S
Houston, TX 77060

2 AccuTest Labs LLC
7821 Pinemont Drive
Houston, TX 77040