DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
Solutions for Drill Pipe Rental Companies
Drill Pipe Owners and Rental Companies Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC hardbanding protect your drill pipe. They help to maintain your tool joint OD and avoid loss of torsional integrity and DBR. Both are certified for reapplication over other hardbanding. Both are crack free and casing friendly. Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC will help you:
Extend the life of tool joints on heavy weight drill pipe, center wear pads and workstring completion tubing Provide faster re-application of hardbanding - 100% rebuildable Fearnley Procter NS-1™ Certified for new applications and for application over other hardbanding TH Hill approved for reapplication over other Hardbanding
How does it work?
Both Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC are applied crack-free, eliminating areas for abrasive materials and drilling fluids to collect and cause tool joint failure. Non-Cracking allows for easy re-applications Previous hardbanding layer does not need to be removed which means you get the pipe back in the hole faster. Both Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC are casing friendly. Reduces the chance of spalling preventing premature re-application No nucleation sites for H2S gas
Who’s using Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC?
Our Customer List is Growing, Growing, Growing!
  • Oil Dogs Pipe Rental
  • Black Diamond Rentals
  • Great Plains
  • ITS (International Tubular
  • Knight Oil Tools
  • Patterson Rentals
  • Premium Oilfield Services
  • Quail Tools
  • Tasman Oil Tools
  • Weatherford
  • Platinum Pipe Rental
  • Certus Energy Services
  • IOT (Independant Oil
  • Irongate (Allis Chalmers)
  • Odfjell
  • Petrostem
  • Redneck Rentals
  • Sub Surface Tools
  • Thomas Tools
  • Workstrings International