DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
POSTALLOY® PS-9® and PS-10® What are POSTALLOY® PS-9® and PS-10®? POSTALLOY® PS-9® and POSTALLOY® PS-10® are tungsten carbide, nickel base hardfacing wires designed to resist severe abrasion. Unlike traditional tungsten carbide wires, they absorb more impact without fracturing. These alloys can be applied crack-free with the proper welding procedures. These alloys are great for parts that are repeatedly hardfaced and are prone to spalling. Because of the unique chemistry, Tungsten-Carbide-Nickel-Chromium-Silicon- Boron, they also have excellent resistance to erosive wear, frictional wear, corrosive wear, and maintain their hardness, even at temperatures of 1100ºF (593ºC). Benefits of using POSTALLOY® PS-9® and POSTALLOY® PS-10® include:

  • Excellent wear resistance combined with superior impact resistance
  • Great for parts that are repeatedly hardfaced
  • Can be applied crack-free to reduce or eliminate spalling

Weld deposits contain over 50% fully fused, pre-alloyed carbides. The alloying elements in these wires produce a high hardness alloy that encapsulates and protects the carbide particles, reducing premature wear caused by erosion next to the carbide particles. Postalloy PS-9 & PS-10 have very good weldability and a very soft arc. These characteristics in combination with the nickel matrix reduce weld dilution and carbide dilution to produce truly outstanding multi-wear wires. POSTALLOY® PS-9 is softer, 40-45Rc, with a tougher matrix than PS-10 for applications that require more toughness. It has the same carbide hardness and concentration as PS-10.

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