DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
POSTALLOY® PS-11W POSTALLOY® PS-11W for Drill String Stabilizers POSTALLOY® PS-11W with Reactive Core Technology™ (RCT) is a nickel base hardfacing cored wire containing a special blend of tungsten carbides for extreme abrasion as well as corrosion. The matrix is resistant to acids, bases, lye and other corrosive media. This alloy can be applied crack-free with the proper welding procedures. The alloying elements in the wire produce a higher hardness weld deposit that encapsulates and protects the carbide particles, reducing the premature wear caused by erosion to the carbide particles. As a result it achieves a considerable service life improvement in extreme applications compared to PS-10 which it has replaced.

  • Nickel based with tungsten carbide for extremely abrasive environments
  • Resistant to acids, bases, lye and other corrosive materials
  • Can be applied crack-free to reduce or eliminate spalling

PS-11W has a low melting range and features good weld-ability with a smooth arc. It reduces weld dilution and carbide dilution to produce a truly outstanding multi-wear wire. Also, this product has a service temperature up to 1000°F (530°C).

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