DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
Drill Pipe
Drill Pipe Manufacturers Drill Pipe Manufacturers choose Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC for their reliability and performance. The benefits of Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC include:
Non-cracking with excellent resistance to spalling 100% rebuildable - reduces the cost of re-application Excellent protection for the tool joint and casing *Fearnley Procter NS-1™ Certified
Characteristics of Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC
Both Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC are approved for new pipe applications Both Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC are applied crack-free Both products are easy to apply

Who’s using Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC?
Our Customer List is Growing Growing Growing!
  • RDT
  • Vallourec - Dubai
  • DP Master
  • Hebei Huayou YIJI
  • Hebei Hua-Sin (Huaxin)
  • Jiangsu Shuguang Oil Tool
  • Smith International
  • Hilong Group
  • Perforator GmbH
  • Hilong Petroleum Pipe Co.
  • Command Energy
  • TMK
  • Jindal Saw USA
  • Vallourec - U.S.A.
  • NOV Grant Prideco - All
    Locations Globally
  • Jiangsu Shuguang Huayang
  • Jiangsu Elite Petro
  • TCS Drill Pipe-Div. of
    Texas Steel
  • BOHAI NKK Drill Pipe Co
  • TPS Technitube Rohrenwerke
  • PetroMaterials Corporation
  • PKNM