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HWDP CWP Hardbanding with Duraband and Tuffband
Fearnley Procter NS-1™ allows the use of only non-cracking hardbanding on Center Wear Pads. Therefore Duraband®NC or Tuffband®NC are acceptable for initial application and re-application.

Water Cooling to Protect the IPC
Protecting the internal plastic coating (IPC) in drill pipe from burningor scorching duing the hardbanding process can be done with the water cooling. If not properly done, hardnesses in the heat affected zone (HAZ) could rise to unacceptable levels.

Extend the Life of Completion Tubing Connections with Duraband
Duraband®NC can be applied to Completion Tubing Connections to increase service life. A maximum of one band can be applied to both pin and box near the taper allowing for multiple re-cuts* as necessary.

The NEW Postalloy® HB Insulators - The ideal, lightweight solution for slowing cooling any hardband application!
The Postalloy® HB Insulators are the perfect solution for slowing down the cooling process on hardbanded tool joints, HWDP and drill collars. It is critical to the keep hardbanding under cover and not exposed to wind, drafts, rain or snow during the cooling process. Proper cooling will prevent serious damage to the structural integrity of the hardbanded piece.

Performance Improvements Start with Training
From Russia to Indonesia to Kenya, Postle Industries Tech Centers provide training and certifications for local hardbanders. Duraband, Tuffband and Ultraband brand hardbanding are applied by certified applicators only. This means your tool joints are protected with the highest quality hardband application and you obtain maximum drill string life.

State-of-the-Art Welding Lab
All customers and applicators are entitled to and have access to Postle Industries extensive knowledge bank, lab facilities and metallurgical analysis as it pertains to all aspects of hardbanding and related procedures.

Case Histories and Field Results See the latest on location reports and actual test results directly from the drilling operations.

Argentina Land Drilling
Duraband goes the distance in Argentina Land Drilling. 39 wells drilled with drill strings totaling 350,000 ft. (108,000 meters).
North Dakota Shale Formation
Duraband ® hardbanded tool joints go 140,000 feet with only 50% wear. Non-hardbanded tool joints lasted only 40,000 feet.
Reapplication Cost Chart
Hardbanding Costs are Dramatically Reduced with Tuffband® NC and Duraband® NC because in many instances the previous hardbanding does not have to be removed!
Hardband Usage Calculator Use the online hardband usage calculator to help you determine how much hardband wire you need. Go mobile with the Postle mobile hardband usage calculator.
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