DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
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Hardbanding Solutions is now a distributor of Skye Hardbanding Equipment.
Skye Hardbanding Equipment is now available world wide through Hardbanding Solutions by Postle Industries.
Skye Hardbanding Equipment
In house R&D and testing, including magnetic particle inspection, ensure maximum reliability and consistency of hardbanding from Hardbanding Solutions.
Magnetic Particle Inspection is just one of the tests that all of Postle's hardbanding wire goes through to ensure that it offers maximum protection of your drill pipe and casing. Learn more about Postle's in house R & D, testing and new product development strategies.
How Hardbanding Affects Base Metals
It's so important it's worth a reminder. Hardbanding has an important affect on the base metal of the tool joint. This can affect the abrasive wear resistance and fatigue life of the hardbanded surface.
Hardbanding and Base Metals
Technical Bulletins and News
Did you know that Duraband NC has a money back guarantee? Did you know that it is now approved for application over additional brands of hardbanding? Check out these details and other essential information about Hardbanding from Hardbanding Solutions.
Technical Bulletins
"Solutions Extend Life of Work Strings" by The American Oil & Gas Reporter
Hardbanding to extend the service life of drill strings has become a near universal best practice in oil and gas drilling operations.
Solutions Extend Life Of Work Strings
Does Hardbanding Really Save Money?
Postle Industries' Materials Engineer, Mr. Bob Miller, dissects the economics of hardbanding. Does hardbanding saves money? Are pipe owners getting the most out of their hardbanding practices? Check out Bob's article reprinted from Oilfield Technology's July, 16 issue to get the answers to these questions and more.
See the complete article.
Understanding Hardbanding Article
With a multitude of hardbanding products available to choose from, narrowing the field appears to be an daunting task, but it doesn't have to be if a few rules are kept in mind. 1. Always choose a non-cracking hardbanding. 2. Ensure that welding procedures are explicit and endorsed by a notable third party. 3. When it's time for re-application, the identity of the hardbanding previously applied to the tool joint should be known. Read the full article and Get the Hang of Hardbanding.
See why not only chemistry, but procedures used and innovation must be considered when choosing a hardbanding material.
Hardbanding Training Videos
Check out our new Hardbanding Training Videos. Learn how to set up your hardbanding machine and how to properly apply Duraband®NC and Tuffband®NC hardbanding alloys.
Webinar On Demand
Originally Broadcasted on October 15, 2015 - This is an on-line technical video webcast /seminar through Drilling Contractor Magazine entitled Selecting Casing Friendly Hardbanding Alloys for Minimum Tool Joint and Casing Wear. The panelists were our own Steve Stefancic and Bob Miller, as well as Jim Allen from Allen Inspection Services in the USA. Between them they have a huge wealth of experience in hardbanding technology. This webinar will be valuable to any industry professional concerned with drill pipe and casing protection. Check it out...
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Extend the Life of Workstring Completion Tubing Connections with Duraband
Duraband®NC can be applied to Workstring Completion Tubing Connections to increase service life. A maximum of one band can be applied to both pin and box near the taper allowing for multiple re-cuts* as necessary.
See more about Duraband and workstring completion tubing
The NEW Postalloy® HB Insulators - The ideal, lightweight solution for slowing cooling any hardband application!
The Postalloy® HB Insulators are the perfect solution for slowing down the cooling process on hardbanded tool joints, HWDP and drill collars. It is critical to the keep hardbanding under cover and not exposed to wind, drafts, rain or snow during the cooling process. Proper cooling will prevent serious damage to the structural integrity of the hardbanded piece.
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Hardband Accessories- Some are Free!
Get the details on the new Patented Hardbanding Gauge designed to help you save time inspecting tool joints.
Hardbanding Accessories
Performance Improvements Start with Training
From Russia to Indonesia to Kenya, Postle Industries Tech Centers provide training and certifications for local hardbanders. Duraband, Tuffband and Ultraband brand hardbanding are applied by certified applicators only. This means your tool joints are protected with the highest quality hardband application and you obtain maximum drill string life.
Oilfield Reprint
State-of-the-Art Welding Lab
All customers and applicators are entitled to and have access to Postle Industries extensive knowledge bank, lab facilities and metallurgical analysis as it pertains to all aspects of hardbanding and related procedures.
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Hardband Usage Calculator
Easily calculate the amount of hardbanding required for your size and quantity of tool joints.
Hardbanding Usage Calculator
Hardband Calculator Easily calculate the amount of hardbanding you need. Desktop or mobile!
Hardbanding Accessories See the new hardbanding gauge (U.S. Des. Patent No. D754,007) designed to save you time inspecting tool joints!
Additional Information For further information contact your nearest technical center or contact Postle Industries at (216)265-9000 or email sparky@postle.com.