DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
POSTALLOY® Hardband BU-MCG Premium Build-Up Wire Used Prior to Hardbanding
Hardband BU-MCG
Hardband BU-MCG
Postalloy® Hardband BU-MCG is a premium manganese, carbon steel metal cored wire for gas shielded arc welding with a very smooth arc transfer. This wire is intended for multi layer build-up of the critical area directly beneath the hardbanding alloy, where compatibility with higher carbon steel chemistries is critical.

Modern manufacturing technology ensures the best consistency, in both weldability and feedability. The cleanliness of Postalloy® Hardband BU-MCG contributes to low subsurface porosity and the elimination of lack of fusion or “cold laps”. Deposits are crack-free, can be readily machined with high speed and carbide tools and can be flame or plasma cut. Benefits of using POSTALLOY® Hardband BU-MCG include:
Crack free deposits Highly machinable Tensile Strength of 91,800 PSI

POSTALLOY® Hardband BU-MCG will help you keep costs down and get your pipe into service fast.

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