DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
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Geothermal Drilling and Other Tough Environments Duraband® NC hardbanding is ideal for the toughest drilling jobs because it is non-cracking. Foreign material and drilling fluids cannot penetrate under the hardbanding which virtually eliminates the possibility of spalling. It is used for Geothermal Drilling in Sour Gas (H2S) Environments, HTHP Wells and Highly Deviated Wells. Benefits of using Duraband® NC include:
Maximum protection of the drill pipe tool joint Excellent protection of the casing (casing friendly) Non-cracking which minimizes spalling and chipping TH Hill Approved for reapplication over other hardbanding
Customers worldwide trust Duraband® NC, shouldn't you?

Caribbean Islands of Dominica & Montserrat, Philippines, New Zealand, & Iceland
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