DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
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Postle 50th Anniversary Duraband Tuffband Postalloy
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Company General History and Overview

Postle was proudly established in 1969 to provide hardbanding and hardfacing welding alloys to protect equipment and components from metal-to-metal wear, abrasion, impact, friction, erosion, and cavitation.

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Postle Industries
  1. Over 50 Years of history in welding and developing hardfacing surface protection solutions Postle Industries was founded in 1969 and has evolved from a local supplier of welding products to a worldwide leader in manufacturing high-performance metal surface protection solutions for the oil & gas industry, the geothermal industry, as well as other commercial and industrial applications. We have succeeded by remaining dedicated to our customers and continually developing innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of a demanding global market.
  2. Progressive innovations in the protection of drill pipe and tubular assets
  3. A fully functioning welding and tribology laboratory for product innovation and quality control The goal of hardbanding is to protect the casing and drill pipe tool joint. Postle’s welding and metallurgical laboratory is furnished with all equipment necessary to evaluate and develop hardbanding products and procedures, including a hardbanding unit, metallography & chemical analysis devices and wear testing instruments. Postle’s Research and Development department is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to create new products and technologies for surface protection, as well as maintaining the quality control of our existing products.
  4. A staff of experienced metallurgists for quality control and product development solutions Our team of metallurgists assist in testing, quality control, and other essential technical operations. In addition, our technical team works directly with our product management and sales engineers to design hardbanding solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers.
  5. Expert staff for training and quality assurance One of Postle’s greatest strengths is the qualifications of our applicator support personnel that are present in the field. Our field personnel possess the highest level of welding experience in the industry and work closely with applicators to insure everyone is using proper welding techniques and operation procedures.
  6. Worldwide network of hardbanding engineers and technical centers for assurance of application consistency and performance Postle has established the most extensive global network of hardbanding engineers and technical centers. We were the first supplier of hardbanding products that has established an Applicator Certification Program. Postle works closely with our certified applicators to make sure the proper training and welding practices are being utilized.
  7. Network of 250 trained applicators worldwide Throughout the world, Postle has developed relationships with highly qualified hardbanding applicators. Each applicator, prior to being authorized to apply our products, is screened for financial stability, safety performance, and proper equipment standards. Postle requires on-site training so that all applicators are well versed in the welding procedures.
  8. Manufacturing capabilities for one source of responsibility for product consistency Our manufacturing operations use proprietary processes and advanced technologies. We use the latest testing methods available to ensure that products meet or exceed customer expectations of performance, employing testing protocols in a precise and frequent manner to ensure consistently predictable results.
  9. Financial 5A1 rating for financial stability With a track record of fiscally conservative management since 1969, Postle routinely achieves Dun and Bradstreet’s highest rating in our classification (5A1). We have no long-term debt and remain focused on a single core competency: Surface protection.
  10. The most tested hardbanding product in the industry
    • Fearnley Procter NS™-1 approvals for initial application and the only product to have multiple NS-1 re-application certifications over competitive products
    • Extensive TH Hill compatibility studies
    • Non-cracking formula
    • Extensive casing wear testing data
    • Proven record of multiple field re-applications, as well as re-applications over other hardbanding products.
Registered Trademarks and Patents
Duraband® NC
Tuffband® NC
Ultraband® NM - U.S. Pat. No. 9,724,786 B2
CoolBanding® - U.S. Pat. No. 10,267,101 B2
POSTALLOY® Hardband Gauge - U.S. Des. Patent No. D754,007
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